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Camp Hatteras RV Park

This was one of the best RV Parks I’ve been to. It is located in Cape Hatteras North Carolina. The campground spans between the beach and the sound side so if you want to camp on the beach or on the quieter sound side you can from the same campground. There are so many amenities I can’t name them all but here are a few putt-putt golf a tennis Court and playground. There are multiple bathhouses and the park store stays open late. The staff was super friendly.

Beach Firepit!

Not many campgrounds have the ability to boast beach campfires! Add this to your bucket list.

Finding a coffee shop early was a challenge. The one we went by first said that they open at “7:30ish”.

Where else can you see the sunrise and sunset over the water at the same campground. If there are other place please reply in the comments because I want to go. And the question that everybody asks: How is the Internet service at this campground? We used a Verizon MiFi and had four bars 4G LTE with a pretty strong connection. The park has WiFi but I didn’t use it. They advertise it is only available for checking email not streaming.

Many people had firepits at their site and everyone I passed by were very friendly.

Great campground, highly recommended.

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