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LavaBox Review

A Fire Anytime you want it. Without the smoke from a campfire or hassle of starting the fire. I saw this cool product on Instagram and I thought, like I do with most products, when would I use that. Well it just so happens that I am not the best at keeping the campfire going. I think my issue is that I don’t collect enough kindling and logs before starting. So when the fire starts to weaken I start running around the yard trying to find more fuel.

That is why I purchased the LavaBox. This cool gadget hooks up to a propane tank and boom you have a fire. No running around to collect lint from the dryer to start the fire. And twigs to .. No, no more.

Last weekend we went camping and before we opened the LavaBox we had a traditional campfire the first night. I do love a good campfire. However, I had the smoke in my eyes. This time it was the worst. My eyes were watering for hours. It looked like I just got out of the gas chamber at basic training. Running to rinse my eyes under water.

The next night we had a Fire Anytime campfire! We played with the adjustment to get the flame the perfect height and then never had to search for more logs to throw on the fire. Just sat and enjoyed the campfire, chatted with family we haven't had the time to see much lately and enjoyed the evening. When it was time to put out the campfire, we simply turned off the gas. That's it. No cleaning up ashes or half burned logs.

Also, if the local wood is wet from a recent rain or dew and the wood won't burn easily then this will be a great product to have handy. On the other hand it may be a bit heavy for you to hike in 5 miles with it on your back. A smaller version would be super cool, something that can fit in a pack with a small fuel tank.

I totally recommend the Fire Anytime LavaBox! It is a great addition to the RV toolbox.

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