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Starlink Review

As of this posting (8/2023) my Starlink internet has been pretty awesome. I have tested in the mountains of Tennessee for a week without issue. I have tested in the Outer Banks of North Carolina without issue. I have tested in the heart of Orlando, FL and had a strong signal. In Williamsburg, VA the signal was super strong.


  • The issues I have had with it is when there is thick cloud cover or obstructions like trees. Even then the service is constantly trying to connect so it is an intermittent connection, which can be frustrating if you are using a computer and every other page does not load.

  • The setup and take down. Typically most people will want to store the receiver over night for safety, unless you have it mounted to your rig or secured in some way.

  • Cost. The initial cost was $600 for the Starlink equipment. I am paying $145/ month for the RV package.


  • Very fast, stable internet connection - when there are no obstructions.

When it comes to a stable internet connection while RVing there is no substitute. The cost and setup/takedown is worth it to me to have a strong internet since I do usually have to do work while RVing.

I do use my Verizon hotspot as a backup and it is not nearly as strong but does ok for the basic connection needs.


Travel Tip: Keep the box and packaging to repackage it when traveling so that it stays safe.


It is a bit of a puzzle trying to figure out the setup configuration. With the receiver needing to be accessible to the sky and the wireless router typically needs to be inside the rig.

If your interested here is the link to order Starlink (not an affiliate link)

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