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Top 5 accessories for new RV owners

- What RV Accessories Do I Need?

This is a repeated question for new RVers. When you purchase an RV, Travel Trailer, 5th Wheel or Motorhome, you will need certain accessories to get started. Here is a basic list of some of the items that you will want to make sure you have before setting off on your first trip.

  1. The first thing you do when pulling into a campsite is to level your rig. Hence the leveling blocks. Not all campsites are created equal nor level. The preferred method is to pull almost to the spot where you want to park and check the level. This can be done with the old fashion level or the much easier LevelMate Pro. This is a wireless device with an app that you can pull up on your phone while still sitting in your vehicle. The app connects to a device mounted as much in the center of your trailer as possible. Now if it says that one side needs to come up you can go put a block or two under the tire and then back up onto it and check the level again. Below are some of those items mentioned here:

2. Wheel chocks are the same old chocks. You don't want to roll away. Technology on these hasn't changed in 100 years so any ole chock will work. These you can find for less than $10. There are some models/brands that have extra features for a little more.

3. The water at campground is usually well water. There could be a lot of stuff in there. A good inline water filter is affordable enough to give you peace of mind about the water coming from the taps. I once was in a campground that said to boil your water even if using a filter. We didn't stay there long :)

4. If you bought an RV that didn't come with a sewer hose then you started off on the wrong foot. To accompany the sewer hose you will likely need a sewer hose support. This keeps your stuff flowing in the right direction. I have seen some people at campgrounds without one of these and it becomes a headache to make sure the hose is emptied especially if the septic hook up is uphill from your trailer.

This sewer hose comes with the clear adapter that plugs right into the sewer. Not all hoses come with that attachment so this one is a pretty good deal, in my opinion.

5. Protection. You will need to protect your rig from the electricity and water. This is a mini version of a house so there are breakers for the electric but there are spikes sometimes. I have been at a campground in Alabama that had the electric poles reversed. Having a electric surge protector will help you make sure you are getting the proper electric voltage and not damaging anything.

Along the same though, You don't want to over pressurize the water lines. A simple water pressure regulator will give you the peace of mind that your water is at the right pressure and not going to bust any lines. Just thinking about that makes my heart sink.. Water damage in my house is a situation I have had to deal with way too much. So I do what I can to not have that happen in the trailer.

They make the same thing for 50 AMP electric. Just be sure to know what you have and what you are purchasing.

Don't forget the most important thing - HAVE FUN!

All these little things can cause anxiety if your over analyze it. There are a ton of other accessories that you will want to pick up along the way. I will post more about the nice-to-haves that I discovered and what others are recommending.

-Slides Out

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