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Top 5 mobile office must haves

Updated: Apr 30

If you are working from the road these days there are some must haves for your mobile office. Here are my top 5...

1. A Good Internet Connection - By far Starlink is the best option. Read my review here. There are a couple of good and preferred mobile internet services that you can use as a hotspot. The main Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile are going to be your best bet. Some of the resellers like Nomad and others could be good too depending on where you are. There is a lot that goes into this so we have provided more details here.

In addition to internet, you will want a good cell signal. I recommend a cell booster of some sort. There are many options. Mobile Internet Resource Center has been a great resource for me. RVMobileMustHaves has been good too (not an affiliate link)

2. A Work Area - The laptop is ok working from the lap for a short time but when doing a full day's work you want to be as ergonomic as possible. In my camper even the kitchen table is not the right height and causes upper back pain after an hour of pounding away on the keyboard.

When looking for a camper and you know you will be working full time from it, be sure to look for something that has a dedicated area. I found a Keystone Alpine 3720MD that has a mid-room. I converted this room into an office (where I am currently writing this post from).

3. The Right Equipment - Monitors, keyboard and mouse are still essential when working full time from the RV. That laptop touchpad will get frustrating after a couple of hours of work. For us older folks we will definitely still benefit from larger screens.

As you can see above I removed the TV and installed a dual monitor arm and two 27" monitors. Plus an additional monitor for my personal/non work stuff. This setup worked well for me.

If you are just blogging or on the keyboard a little bit a laptop may be just fine.

4. Power - Most of us are on full hookups, but if you get a flicker of power or it goes out - like it did for me last week - then you need a backup. A generator will come in handy. Its better to have it when you need it then to need it and not have it. Solar is a good option too if it is hooked up properly. Most of the time solar is just trickle charging your batteries which is ok but that is limited after a while.

5. Climate Controlled - One thing I hate more than anything is trying to do work on the computer while sweat is dripping down my arm. Or conversely, in the winter, trying to type with frozen fingers. Get your AC system up to par. I am installing a mini-split AC in my 5h wheel. Keep an eye out for that post.

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