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Adding a 30AMP outlet to the house for RV

When I bought my first travel trailer I wanted it to have power when parked at the house. So like any good DIY RVer I started searching the internet for some good ideas. I found a good YouTube post where a guy did just this. It looked to be pretty straightforward so here is my attempt at it. I'm sure it could have been done better and I am not an electrician so this may be just for entertainment purposes ;)

The first thing I did was to identify where the breaker box is. Luckily there is a breaker box in the pool pump room. Otherwise I may have given up on this since the box for the house is in a room that would have been very hard to access. I cut the main power to this box and opened it up, added a new 30AMP breaker and wired it to heavy gauge wire. Next, I ran some pvc conduit from the pump room to the wall where I mounted the electrical box. Then I ran the wire through it. There is a sharp turn around a 6x6 which was tricky. I tried to do this with a junction box and wire nut the wire together. As you can see that didn’t turn out too well. The WIRE NUT MELTED!

I swapped out the wire nuts for metal connectors and that worked better. I’m sure there is. Better way to do it.

Here is the video of the whole run. In the end it worked. Not perfect but functional.

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