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Solar Eclipse Trip 2024

Who else traveled to the area of totality to see the 2024 solar eclipse? I could not find a campground with availability for the week of April 8 that was in the area of totality. We ended up at the KOA just outside of Memphis, TN. See that post for a review of that campground.

The weather was predicted to be windy and maybe a storm so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was nasty weather the night before, a storm blew through with 50-60 MPH winds and was gone in 30 minutes. In the morning it was super cloudy and foggy. I was expecting it to be a close out and not be able to see anything, but it cleared up around midmorning.

The whole event was 2 hours long. I was running low on camera battery so I ended up taking short 20 second shots leading up to the totality. I also sped up the video and it still ended up being a 8 minute video. I hope you enjoy!

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