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How to unclog an RV toliet

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

You could not imagine how often this question is asked. Mostly from newbies because once your RV toliet is clogged the first time you learn quickly what works for you to unjam the pipes. There are many recommendations for unclogging the commode. Here are a few ideas that I have run across.

  • Prepare the tanks before use - Put a little dish detergent in the tanks with about 3-5 gallons of water. Repeat this after each time you dump your black tank.

  • Use the commercially available RV pods that help chew up and dissolve the matter. Some also come in good smelling scents.

  • Don't put feminine products down the toliet.

  • When you flush hold down the flusher for 5 seconds.

  • If all that is done and you still end up with a clog, get a toliet wand. This gadget hooks to a hose and basically pressure washes the toliet and forces the paper down.

There are some other ideas like just putting a hose up the discharge pipe and hosing it down from that end. This is not great advice since you are going to get some solids out before you can put the slinky back on. But if you are in a real jam... Note: Try not to put anything up from the discharge end if you can at all help it.

A newbie story: When we were on our second trip the RV's toliet started to back up and overflow. I went out and pulled the two handles and saw lots come out. Went back in and nothing moved in the toliet. How could that be? Is it stuck? I went to the local RV store around the corner and bought two different hose attachments. I attached them to the hose and went back in the RV with warrior determination to unclog this. I stuck it deep in the tank and blasted it. Nope it just kept rising in the toliet! I called over the KOA maintenance guy and he suggested to stick a hose up the discharge. That didn't help either. We were perplexed. He left but was stumped so he did some digging on the internet. I called a couple plumbers to see if they would come out to help or if they knew what to do.. no help at all. The maintenance guy came back and said "Hey look up under the side apron, do you see a handle?" While he is reaching around blindly I said "Ya, go a little to your right." He grabs it and pulls and the brown river came a flowing.

Why they put the black tank handle hidden up under the apron I have no idea.

Happy Camping!

-Slides out

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