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Making Money on Amazon While Full Time RV Living

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

There are a couple ways to make money on the internet. With the recent flock to Work-From-Home jobs the list of work from RV jobs has really expanded.

This article is specifically about making money on Amazon. How do you make money on Amazon you ask? Well there are a bunch of ways, you can YouTube search them all. Retail Arbitrate, Online Arbitrate, Wholesale selling, Private Label selling, and more...

One particular YouTube channel I like is Nikki Kirk. She actually does live in a 5th wheel full time and makes a living off of Amazon (and probably YouTube). Check out her videos (no I do not get any financial incentive for recommending her).

There are other videos on Retail Arbitrate that I really like. One that is super cool is the Hustle Buddies channel. The are former teachers that started with $100 and built a very large business just reselling items on Amazon. This video is the one that will get you motivated.

There are a bunch of YouTube videos and FaceBook groups about selling on Amazon and all the details. There is a bit of a learning curve but there is a ton of free material on the internet to assist you. But if you have that entrepreneur spirit and perseverance then you can do this!

The best Private Label coach I have discovered is Just One Dime. Again.. I make no money from recommending these guys, these are just my opinions. I have seen a few and this guy has been in the business a while. When someone is willing to freely give you the step-by-step on getting started they get some points in my book.

Of course Private Label selling is the most expensive, highest risk and has the potential to make the most money. This is essentially making your own product, sourcing the product from a manufacturer, shipping it to Amazon, creating a listing and marketing it. So there is some upfront money involved with this option.

Most people of average wealth start with retail arbitrate and save up to build up to the private label product development.

If you have lots of questions I find that there is a FaceBook group for just about anything.. and there are a couple for selling on Amazon. Good luck with your ventures.

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