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RV sprung a leak

Waking up to a trail of water coming out from under the bathroom sink, that is how this episode starts. I open the space under the sink and find a pin hole spraying water. I tried to put some Flex Tape on it until we got home and that helped slow the leak.

Here is a video of the pin hole...

So off to the store I go. This is the first time had to do this type of plumbing work. I rented a PEX Crimper Tool at the hardware store.
I cut off about 6 inches where the pin hole is with a sawzall. That was tricky.

Here are the supplies I needed:

  • 1 foot of Blue PEX pipe ( Seems like they only sell 3 foot pieces so I have some for next time.

  • Bag of 1/2" Couplings

  • Bag of 1/2" PEX Clamps Why are most plumbing jobs in such a tight spot 😬

Here is the full replacement piece that I created.

This is a close up of one end of the new piece.

This is the finished product! Worked like a charm. Getting that giant PEX Crimper Tool in this tight spot was the hardest part.

Hope this helps y'all!

-Slides Out

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