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Full-Time RV Life! Is it for me?

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

There are a lot of positives about living full-time in an RV. Ability to pick up and go when you want. Travel affordably, compared to using hotels or other lodging. You can bring more of your stuff with you. You can be more at home and not feel like you are living out of a suitcase.

Are there disadvantages?

Yes, most everything has some disadvantages. In talking with most full-time RVers the number one thing asked is "How can you make money living on the road?" There are lots of ways, but that is another post that I will create. If you are retired then you are a step ahead of most. Another common question is where can I park my RV long term?. There are some campgrounds that allow longer term spots. I will post a list of some that I found to be helpful. I did see a YouTube video about a family that was told they were not allowed to stay for a month because they had kids and the campground owner didn't think kids should grow up in a camper. Every campground is different, I'd say have a good plan and call the campgrounds you plan to stay at a long time instead of just booking online. I know it sounds adventurous to fly-by-the-seat of your pants and only think about today. But we are talking about your (and possibly your family's) roof over your head. So plan where you are going to be at least 6 months out and know the path there. You will thank yourself when you get there and can relax. Remember the 5Ps. Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

Some other disadvantages I hear are:

  • Doing laundry.

  • Walking the dog.

  • Neighbors too close.

  • Not having a physical address for things like drivers license.

There are ways around all of the disadvantages. Mostly it is a state of mind. If you are used to letting your dogs out in the fenced yard in the morning that may be difficult. But if you enjoy walking your dogs daily then no problem. Just have to adapt to the new way of doing things.

But Most of All... Have Fun!

People RV because it is enjoyable. Full-Time Rving can allow for freedom, time to yourself to reflect on life and your companion and explore nature. It also allows for you to get away from the rat race (and your adult children still living at home) :) (I hear all you out there cheering that one on).

-Slides Out!

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